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Epic, the Card Game… Tournament October 10th



Epic is a new boxed card game from the creators of Star Realms. 


With the box, you are able to play multiple game modes, such as Draft and Constructed. So it is perfect for those who want something quick to get into and extremely fun to play. 


Every card in the game costs you either Zero or One resource to play, which is called Gold. In the game there are two times in which you get gold. You get One Gold at the beginning of your turn, and an additional Gold as your turn is ending. This allows you to play cards on both your turn and your opponents. The game only has two types of cards, Events and Champions. All events are instant and can be played on either players turn, however unless Champions have a certain keyword, Ambush, they are not and can only be played on your turn. Now that you understand what you are going to be doing, there are different ways to allow you to win and overtake your opponent, figuring those out is half the fun, the other half is playing them and dominating your opponent with them.


Show up early and get a run down on how to play!! We will be here all day teaching people the game.


On October 10th, we will be running a tournament for Epic beginning at 6pm. It will be a 15.00 buy in, which get’s you a sealed box of the game. From that box you will use half the cards to construct a 60 deck in which you will play against other players in a best of 3 swiss tournament. 


All players will receive some special promos to add to their game, and the winners will receive store credit. 

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