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TPK Gaming Diary

Grab a coffe, take a seat, play a game.

Paint ‘N’ Take Class

We will be hosting our first official Paint ‘N’ Take class on July 30th at 2pm.

We will provide everything you need to paint your figure

We will be painting a Human Bowman figure, as shown below

We hope you will join us for this. Spots will be limited, stop by the store to sign up for the class. Entry fee is 7.00.

FAT Mats, XWing, and More!

Last week we rearranged our store, and have since added FAT Mats as well as XWing to the retail section!!


We have scheduled a day for XWing open play, which is Wednesday at 7pm. 

In addition to that we have swapped our days for Legacy and Standard, We will be holding Standard on Wednesday Night and Legacy on Tuesdays, both beginning at 7pm. This change will take effect starting the first week in July.

We hope to see you all in the store soon. And remember to sign up for our newsletter for promotions, information, and more!


Email Blast, For those not signed up… Go Sign Up

April Events

TPK Gaming celebrates our first year open!

Thank you so much to everyone that has come out to support us and play games over this past year.  We would not be where we are today without all of you!  Stay tuned for a special event coming next month!


Warhammer Kill League Forming Now!!

Our second round of Warhammer Kill League is forming.  First games will be on April 2nd.  If interested please check out the facebook groupand get your roster finalized and signed up before it starts.  

Specialized battles, team fights, and special missions will appear throughout the season.

Herald of Ruin Rules set, slightly modified.  http://heralds-of-ruin.blogspot.com/p/kill-team-rules.html


Hearthstone Fireside Gathering

Hearthstone fireside gaming is a way to play your favorite internet based game face to face with other plays in a local setting.  These are ran on a monthly basis, alternating between Saturday and Sundays.  All skill levels are welcome.  

When: April 16th 1PM-5PM
Entry: $5
Prizes: Based on attendance to include: Hearthstone Game Cards, Blizzard Mystery Minis, and TPK Giftcards.  Prizes are awarded for top players as well as several door prizes will be given out.
Conquest Rules:  Declare 3 decks, Best of 5 games and must win once with each ruler.
Must bring your own devices/chargers.
We will begin promptly at 1PM.  If you are late, you can still play but will get a round 1 loss. 

Upcoming Events
Some things to look for in April!

4/1- Shadows over Innistrad Pre-Release Weekend!

4/9- MTG Fat Pack Sealed Event
4/10- MTG Booster Box Sealed

4/16- Hearthstone Tournament

4/18 MTG Modern GPT Columbus

4/24- TPK 1 Year Anniversary

4/30 MTG Game Day Shadows over Innistrad

Updating our Event Schedule

We are updating our weekly events schedule

Monday: Modern and Warmachine/Hordes
Tuesday: Standard, Biweekly Call of Cthulhu RPG
Wednesday: LEGACY
Thursday: Board Game and Commander Night
Friday: FNM (Draft and Constructed)
Saturday: Warhammer 40k
Sunday: Biweekly Either D&D Adventure League or Family Board Game Day, and then Either Cube Draft or Draft


We are adding Warmachines/Hordes, as well as Legacy to our event schedule. 



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