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New Events

We are planning on running new events on a weekly and monthly basis here at TPK Gaming.


We will be running Warhammer 40k on Saturdays for the foreseeable future. We are starting with open play, but will be forming into a Kill Team League hopefully by December.  The rules are still in the planning stage. 

But until them stop by and play some Table Top with other people and enjoy smashing some face… Waaagh!


In Addition to that we are now going to be running Hearthstone Fireside Gathering Tournaments on a monthly basis. We held our first one yesterday, November 8th and it was highly successful. We will be running our next one on December 12th starting at 1pm. You are required to being in anything needed to play the game. Entry fee will be 5.00, and we will provide prize support. We hope to see you there!

Epic, the Card Game… Tournament October 10th



Epic is a new boxed card game from the creators of Star Realms. 


With the box, you are able to play multiple game modes, such as Draft and Constructed. So it is perfect for those who want something quick to get into and extremely fun to play. 


Every card in the game costs you either Zero or One resource to play, which is called Gold. In the game there are two times in which you get gold. You get One Gold at the beginning of your turn, and an additional Gold as your turn is ending. This allows you to play cards on both your turn and your opponents. The game only has two types of cards, Events and Champions. All events are instant and can be played on either players turn, however unless Champions have a certain keyword, Ambush, they are not and can only be played on your turn. Now that you understand what you are going to be doing, there are different ways to allow you to win and overtake your opponent, figuring those out is half the fun, the other half is playing them and dominating your opponent with them.


Show up early and get a run down on how to play!! We will be here all day teaching people the game.


On October 10th, we will be running a tournament for Epic beginning at 6pm. It will be a 15.00 buy in, which get’s you a sealed box of the game. From that box you will use half the cards to construct a 60 deck in which you will play against other players in a best of 3 swiss tournament. 


All players will receive some special promos to add to their game, and the winners will receive store credit. 

Cypher System Role Playing Game

This saturday we will be starting our new Role Playing endevor.

Eric Evans will be leading the way into this new adventure. He has been running and playing in games for decades. His experiences and dedication to the game will be what sets this experience apart from the other tables out there. 




The Cypher system is rather different, it uses the Numenera system, which is a open based system.

Character creation has been simplified by having players fill in the blanks to the statement:

“I am a __________  __________ who _________s.”
  1. The first blank, the adjective in the sentence, is filled in by a character’s “Descriptor”, a way to describe the character’s strongest characteristic.
  2. The second blank, the noun of the sentence, is filled in by a character’s “Type”, which is either a “Glaive” (a warrior type), a “Nano” (a technology adept type), or a “Jack” (as in jack-of-all-trades).
  3. The third blank, the verb of the sentence, is filled in by a character’s “Focus”, or what the character is most known for or their special talent.


From this your difficulty with tasks is set by the Game Master to determine how easy or hard it is for you to complete. 


If this is something that interests you, we will be running this biweekly on Saturday nights beginning at 6pm. The first week will be introduction to the system and character creation. So give it some thought on what you would like to play, and we hope to see you Saturday.

The Battle for Zendikar Begins September 26th

The Battle for Zendikar is almost upon us. Just a month away you have the pleasure of joining those around the globe for the next Magic: the Gathering PreRelease. This takes place on September 26th and 27th.

Here at TPK Gaming in Glen Ellyn, We will be hosting one of these special events.

At Midnight on Saturday September 26th, we will begin the Battle for Zendikar. Players from all over will enter the store, open their special sealed box, which will contain 6 sealed packs and a special promotional card, and begin constructing their deck. Through the next 4 to 5 hours, players will battle each other to determine who comes out on top and wins the top prize, in this case a free entry into the PreRelease of the next set. Everyone who participates in this special event does walk away with at least 1 pack of cards for their efforts.

We are running 2 of these such events. The second one at 6:00 pm on September 26th, in which players will play as a team against each other in what is known as 2 Headed Giant.

Sign ups are now open at TPK Gaming, if this is something you are wanting to participate in make sure to stop by and register early, as we sold out of our last Midnight PreRelease Event for Origins.


Details can be found by following the link below.

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